Farrah Abraham’s Net Worth


Farrah Abraham cast member of the show Teen Mom has managed to do well for herself since being featured on the show with her daughter Sophia. Recently, it has been reported she is currently eyeing a multi-million dollar home in Calabasas, CA which has 7 bedrooms and celebrity neighbors including Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian. The estimated worth of the home she’s interested is $3 million in The Oaks which is a gated community in Calabasas. So many people have asked how was she able to accumulate so much money to afford such a palatial home. Farrah Abraham current net worth is over $1.75 million dollars. It was reported that Farrah Abraham purchased a $400,000 Lamborghini. Farrah was on a reality show for several years and making lots of money each season of upwards $75,000 per season plus over $20,000 in bonuses. Her first book, My Teenage Dream Ended soared to the top of the New York Times Bestsellers list with well over $115,000 in sales and her second book helped to her generate another $45,000 in book sales.

Farrah was able to rake in plenty of money from appearances, interviews, photographs, and magazines. Through her photos in magazines she made over $5,000 for before and after photos in the magazine In Touch Weekly and before then they paid her $2,500 for her story about suicide. For the past year she was paid over $5000 for her paparazzi photos, she made $20,000 in endorsements, $25,000 for her tomato sauce line, $20,000 for modeling, and $24,000 for working with Sulia. All of those totals easily add up to over six figures. Farrah will be touring nightclubs and strip clubs and she’ll receive a sizeable income from those appearances. Those appearances include her salary promoting Raspberry Tones will net her approximately $210,000. Farrah is continuously trying to expand her fifteen minutes of fame to 16 minutes and trying her hardest to make it last as long she is can. She has been rumored to be in talks with her fellow cast mate Jenelle Evans to star in a spin-off show and continue with the train wreck type of reality show.

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