Farrah Abraham – More than just sixteen and pregnant


Farrah Abraham is not done with being a reality television star; she will be starring in another show. The show is called docu-soap. She has been on Teen Mom and has recently been in adult entertainment. While many people have their own opinions about her, she is proud of what she has accomplished.

Teen Mom

Farrah was popular on the show ‘Teen Mom’. Some people loved her being on the show and many despised her. She basically ruined her name on that show but then decided to go on to the next big thing when the season of Teen Mom was finished.

Adult entertainment

Not only did Farrah Abraham ruin her name from the show ‘Teen Mom’, she now even made it worse for herself by actively participating in adult entertainment. Farrah says that she is happy with her decision and now she made a seven figure income with it. She claims it’s best for her daughter now and she can focus on being a great mother.

Her new part in a show

There will be a new show that Farrah will be part of. She has confirmed that she will be starring in ‘Docu-soap’. She is actually moving to LA to be able to film this new show. She claims she is going to say goodbye to Teen Mom and move on to bigger things. What got her to this point is the adult entertainment video that she participated in.

Many people don’t agree with Farrah’s actions. However, she thinks it was a great turn out and believes since everything happened the way it did, including the adult video, which this will lead to bigger and better things for her. She believes now she can be a better mom due to her having this money and having a career to support her daughter. This reality star believes she is set and has it all under control now.

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