Farrah Abraham Leaked Tape


Farrah Abraham Leaked Tape is Making Her a Star

The bucket list for celebrity sex tapes has not lost its popularity and in addition to that list was Farrah Abraham leaked tape. The TV personality’s leaked sex tape with professional porn star James Deen has created a buzz in Hollywood after a rumor that she was paid $1 million just to do that porn film. But, the distributor of the sex tape, Vivid Entertainment, said that she was only paid a small fraction of that amount. She was only paid $10, 000 upfront to do that.

James Deen Sex Tape & Sequel

Farrah Abraham is a reality star, writer, an aspiring model, and a musician. She was a cast on the MTV show Teen Mom and 16&Pregnant. As an aspiring musician, she has released a number of experimental pop songs. Her daughter is Sophia Laurent Abraham, whose father (Derek Underwood) died in a car accident. She became more notable in her casting as a teen mom in the show Teen Mom. The title of the show was also included in the title of her alleged leaked sex tape.

Farrah Abraham Leaked Tape

Farrah Abraham leaked tape

When the media got hold of her sex video, Farrah Abraham was in complete denial that it was supposed to be released. She said that it was supposed to be a private video with her assumed boyfriend professional porn star James Deen, but this was a complete lie. It was apparently a plot to stir some drama over the leaked video. The alleged sex video scandal was titled Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom and was produced by adult film distributor Vivid Entertainment. A lot of critics said she didn’t have to take it in the butt to stay in the public eye. The video was criticized for being so gruesome. The sex scenes were uncomfortable and she was featured doing a lot of nasty stuff. She’s not professional but she is obviously trying to do it like a pro.

But, the success of her alleged leaked tape has opened door for Farrah Abraham and she is thinking of taking the sex industry more seriously. She is now called an exotica queen, not just because she plays it right but because she’s a drama queen. Farrah Superstar: Bakdoor Teen Mom will have its sequel according to Vivid Entertainment. This time it will feature Farrah Abraham in bondage, perfect for Farrah Abraham’s kinky fans and all those who have an interest with BDSM. This sequel will again feature professional porn star James Deen.

Farram Abraham Drama Train

At the age of 22, this TV personality is making her reality show by magnifying over her leaked sex tape scandal titled Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. She’s not shying away unlike other celebrities who would just shut up or evade publicity. The fact that she has a daughter to protect, she should have remained quite. But she did not and just continued riding the drama train, even saying that the sex tape was not supposed to be released where in fact it was clear that she signed for the deal in the adult entertainment industry. She even told everyone at first that James Deen was her boyfriend but James Deen denied this. Deen said that she was nothing, but a co star and that’s it. She also became controversial because of her remarks about James Deen’s manhood. The sex tape features her doing some nasty stuff and in the video, she was exposed and was obviously uncomfortable. She said it was because James Deen has a small manhood.

Later on, she admitted that it was not true and promised that she will never do a sequel. But Vivid says she is prepared for a sequel. The success of Farrah Abraham leaked sex tape has aroused their interest to create another “leaked tape”. The sequel for her adult porn film will feature her in bondage and will co star James Deen again. And recently, she and James Deen was spotted together. The media said they were apparently dating. The work they had together as adult film stars had obviously ignited some sparks.

Playboy Rejection & Twitter Tweets

After the release of her alleged “Farrah Abraham leaked tape”, the TV personality has auditioned to be a magazine model for Playboy and promised them that she could go nude all the way, exposing her everything. But Playboy rejected her and said that there just wasn’t enough room for a Farrah Abraham. But, it did not stop her anyway from auditioning again after her rejection. And for the second time, she got the same response. Critics say she’s better off being a star in her successful alleged leaked sex tape.

After the two rejections she got, it was obvious that she’s desperate to get het throne up there on the spotlight. She has then posted on twitter that all single men should follow him. Critics don’t know what she’s plotting when she tweeted this but it was obvious that she is attracting a new demographic of fans and followers. Ashe also created a wish list on Amazon that she wishes all her fans to purchase her $13,000 worth of mini dresses, bikinis, sparkly heels, and so much more.

Leaked Tape Royalties

However, Farrah Abraham leaked tape not just coax the interest of her fans and the media, she is hogging the spotlight for her recent popularity and she’s making money out it. At first, there was a rumor that she was paid a million bucks just to do the sex video with James Deen, but it was cleared that she was only paid $10,000 for that. And now, according to insider scoops, she has earned over $100,000 in just two months for that porn film which is actually a great amount for a beginner. But, the royalties she’s getting for that leaked sex tape is still dwarfed by Paris Hilton’s sex tape which earned her $13 million and Kim Kardashian’s with $8 million. So, it’s definitely too soon to tell if she’s really going to earn a million in her adult entertainment career.

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